All of the students in Joshua's class are asked to invite their parents to present at Career Day. Instead of bringing his parents, Joshua makes up a glamorous story that he feels is much more interesting than their chosen profession. When Joshua's parents find out what has happened, he must face his own insecurities.



Mr. and Mrs. Chung met in Seoul, South Korea. Their first date was at a local eatery, where they split a rotisserie chicken. Mr. Chung was duly impressed by Mrs. Chung’s fearlessness in eating the chicken with her hands. They were married in 1978, and then had their son, Jaehuen Chung a year later. Jaehuen hopes MR. & MRS. KIM will speak to three precious ladies in his life: his loving mother, who likes to see compassion on screen, his beautiful wife, who enjoys experiencing new worlds, and his adoring daughter, who Jaehuen wishes to grow up a dreamer.


Mr. and Mrs. Aichenbaum are Josh’s wonderful parents. Michael and Ruth met in Israel in 1985 while studying abroad, and one month into dating, they were engaged to be married. Two years later, they had two boys, David and Josh. David’s the older brother and, through his love of literature, inspired Josh to become a writer.  When Josh was younger, he found many things annoying about his parents: for instance, his mom’s weird sneezes (you should hear them) and his dad’s deliriously boring nature walks. Now Josh couldn’t be prouder of Michael, who runs a non-profit, and Ruth, who’s an amazing educator. Knowing how much his parents have sacrificed for him over the years inspired Josh to write MR. & MRS. KIM.


Mr. and Mrs. Dignan are Sarah’s parents. They hit it off immediately when they met in California through mutual friends while Mrs. Dignan was on vacation. Two years later they were married and had their only child, Sarah. Mr. Dignan, who has now passed on, was a painter who based his work on fractal geometry found in nature. Mrs. Dignan is a lawyer currently working for a pediatric company that provides at home healthcare for children with long term medical needs. Producing MR. & MRS. KIM allows Sarah to use the creative qualities she inherited from her father, while combining them with the logic she’s inherited from her mother to make sure the project is successfully finished on time and on budget.


Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy met at the University of Maryland. A mutual friend introduced them and they started their relationship as best friends. One year after dating, Kevin Sr proposed to Pam at their anniversary dinner. A decade or so later and Kevin Jr popped out. He was raised in a small town in Western Maryland where his parents supported him and and his siblings in every field they could. Ultimately landing in film, Kevin concentrated on Production Design while earning his Bachelors in Film Production at Emerson College. Kevin draws inspiration from his Mother's hardwork and dedication to reality television and his Father's patience and spontaneous dances in public spaces. Kevin shares his pride in designing MR. & MRS. KIM with the pride he holds for his parents.



Mr. Garcia wanted to purchase the A-Trak from a Beatles’ twin-back, but the clerk at the store insisted, if he had good taste, he should buy both. The next day he came back and asked the clerk out. She became Mrs. Garcia. Not too longer after, their daughter, Marci, was on the scene. What embarrasses Marci most about her dad is that he wears socks with his sandals.  And for reasons she will never understand, her mother loves Hallmark channels movies.  Nonetheless, Marci appreciates their kindness and support as she peruses her career in film. Marci is a graduate of Texas State University with a BA in Directing Theatre. She subsequently studied at The Los Angeles Film School, where she received an Associate in the Science of Film, emphasizing in Cinematography. An enthusiast of films that give insight into the protagonist’s vivid imagination, Marci looks forward to capturing the fantasy of MR. & MRS. KIM.


Mr. and Mrs. Aprymov met at a mutual friend’s party in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where Mr. Aprymov was so impressed by the delicious desserts Mrs. Aprymov had made, he got his sister to get her number. When Mrs. Aprymov finally agreed to go on a date with him, Mr. Aprymov read her poems by Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva. They were married a few months later on a very rainy day in 1988 and had Dinara one year later. Originally from Kazakhstan, Dinara moved to the U.S. at the age of seventeen to pursue journalism. During her three year stint at a Knoxville TV station, she had a chance to work on a feature film, which made her decide to pursue her true passion, storytelling. She has finished MFA at the AFI's editing program, where she has finessed her craft as a storyteller. Just like the parents in MR. & MRS. KIM, Mr. and Mrs. Aprymov gave their daughter all the opportunities they could, so she could achieve her dreams.


Dr. Kim and Dr. Choi first met each other in Taiwan while both were studying abroad. It was love at first sight, or so they say. After getting married, they moved to Boston, where they had their second child, Iljung. Since then, they were nothing but supportive of their mischievous son. Moving back and forth between Korea and America, Iljung has been pursuing his career in music. He studied Korean Music Composition in Seoul National University, and he recently finished his second MFA in NYU’s Steinhardt for Scoring for Film and Multimedia. He knows everything would have been impossible without the continuing support of his parents. MR. & MRS. KIM reminds Iljung of not only the sacrifices his parents made, but also the sacrifices he must bear for his baby son, Sunha.


JOSHUA KIM  |  Joshua Kim

Joshua was born in Burbank, California. He grew up good natured, charming, and very precocious. While attending Knollwood Preparatory Academy during his second grade year, he caught the attention of the recruiters from THE PLAYGROUND, a young actors program run by Gary Spatz and completed three semesters. He currently attends The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute to grow and expand his acting. Since then, he has been involved in many projects the Institute has to offer including 4 plays under his belt. When asked what he wanted to do with his life he replied without hesitation, " An actor, ....what else?" 

LOLA WAYNE VILLA  |  Harper Patterson 

Lola Wayne Villa is a California rased actress, known for American Girl (2016), Wicked City (2016), and Bunyon and Babe (2015). 


Steve is an American actor who has graced the silver screen in films such as Snowpiercer, A Serious Man, State of Play, Fargo, and Do the Right Thing. He has also been on television shows such as Person of Interest, The Mindy Project, Believe, White Collar, and In Living Color. He is also avid in the theater world playing roles in East of Eden for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, A Language of Their Own, Big Hunk o’ Burnin’ Love for the East West Player just to note a few. With his parents being Korean immigrants, the story of Mr. & Mrs. Kim is very near and dear to his heart. 


Alexandra was born in Pusan, South Korea to North Korean refugees. Her family left Pusan to settle in the US when she was 7 years old. After graduating from St. John’s College with a degree in Western Philosophy, she discovered acting and realized there were alternative ways of “helping people”: art, music, film, literature. With thesupport of her parents, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film.

She was cast as a regular in the Daytime soap opera “ANOTHER WORLD” and co-founded and artistic directed a theatre company, LODESTONE THEATRE ENSEMBLE. She can also be seen on such notable shows as The Event, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Castle and many more. It has been almost two decades since she had made a wish to work with the inimitable Stephen Park upon meeting him in Los Angeles. “Mr. And Mrs. Kim” is a dream come true.